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Financial Management Advisors for High-growth, Technology-oriented Businesses

We believe in a better, more efficient way of providing small-to-medium sized businesses with exceptional financial management services. Whether your company is just getting started, or you’ve been in business for years, we’ll show you incredibly effective ways to organize and manage your finances, all while you stay focused on running your business.


At Left Mind, we serve SMBs by providing remote strategic financial management services that produce high-value results without the extreme costs normally charged by larger consulting companies for these same types of services and expertise, or from directly hiring a full-time CFO.

We specialize in using industry metrics, data, and KPIs to build analyses that help make better business decisions. When coupled with our experience in strategic financial management and accounting, the level of value we provide SMBs is unmatched. We produce financial reporting tools and implement processes to immediately increase management access to data and analyses that can be used to guide strategic business decisions and the overall business plan.

One of the businesses we’ve worked with was a mid-sized, rapidly growing SaaS company that specialized in building online community software, named Socious. 

I only wish we had come to Left Mind for help when we first started our company. 

Scott Balthazor, Co-founder – Socious

Prior to hiring Left Mind, the Socious management team was focused on practical, day-to-day elements of their business. We proceeded to build key financial reports, industry metric analyses, and put strategic financial planning tools in place that helped the team make better business decisions. This work helped management understand their true strengths and weaknesses, and how they could better organize and leverage their business.

As financing and acquisition opportunities presented themselves, the Socious team was able to quickly pivot utilizing the strategic and financial expertise provided by Left Mind. This partnership contributed to the successful sale of the company at a significant premium 2x above management’s original target price.   

If your company doesn’t yet have a key strategic financial advisor or CFO, please contact us today. We’d be thrilled to connect with you to discuss ways we can work together on the future of your business.


Jon Ferlise, CPA – Founder

Hi. My name is Jon and I’m the founder of Left Mind.

Over the span of 20+ years I’ve been fortunate to work in a number of roles — including as an entrepreneur and in senior-level corporate finance positions — that have helped me build a unique skillset with expertise in financial analysis, planning, mergers and acquisitions, capital asset acquisitions, secured and unsecured financings, financial reporting, financial accounting, and more.

In 2014, I made the decision to forge my path as an entrepreneur, leaving the corporate world behind. I started Left Mind and set out on an incredible journey of working with businesses to help them expand and create value within their market.

The transformation in business towards cloud-based technologies that’s currently underway is nothing short of incredible. I’m excited about the future and am humbled to be in the position to bring big-picture financial management skills, along with an entrepreneurial mindset, to help businesses focus on value creation using cloud-based virtual technologies. 

If you have any questions I can answer or if your business needs a financial advisor, please contact me today.

Thanks again for stopping by.




20+ years finance experience
13 years accounting and reporting
7 years FP&A
6 years senior-level
4 years corporate finance
4 years entrepreneur