SaaS finance
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SaaS Expert, Jason Lemkin, Shares Insights into Building and Addressing Finance Early (Like Now!)

You should never be surprised to come to this blog and find posts about why SaaS companies should invest in finance, accounting, and related metrics and analytics early in their life cycle. I mean, it's what we do. And we really love it when…
SaaS valuation
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SaaS Strategy: How to Implement Valuation Strategies Now to Maximize Future Capital Funding

Nearly every B2B SaaS startup will eventually look to raise capital and/or cash out some or all of their equity. And even though we know this is true, most founders are so focused on establishing product viability, growing sales, and serving…
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Introducing Subscription-based Virtual Financial Management Services for SaaS Businesses

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - January 15, 2019 -- Left Mind, LLC, a management advisory company, announced today the launch of subscription-based virtual financial management services focused on serving small-to-medium businesses in the B2B Software as…